4048 Stock Triple-wall Pallet Box (Gaylord Boxes)

image of a Triple-wall Gaylord Box

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4048 Stock Triple-wall Bulk Box

Internal Dimensions:46-3/4×38-3/4×45, 46-3/4×38-3/4×36
Container Style:Half Slotted Container (Bottom Flaps) (Style H6) Includes multi-depth score 5″ from top of container for flange
Material:1100 Grade kraft triple wall corrugated fibreboard
Lab Stacking Strength w/ Safety Factor:1,062 lbs.
Box Weight:32.2 lbs.
Unitizing:25 per unit
Unit Length:87
Unit Width:45″ – 67″, 36″ – 57″
Unit Depth:32
Unit Weight:45″ – 805 lbs., 36″ – 550 lbs.
TL Quantity:45″ – 675 , 36″ – 825

4048 Stock Cap

Style:Standard Slotted Tray
Material:275# C flute kraft singlewall corrugated fibreboard
Cap Weight:2.78 lbs.
Unitizing:25 per unit
Unit Length:59
Unit Width:51
Unit Depth:5
Unit Weight:69
TL Quantity:n/a
Pallet Style:Four-Way Entry
Material:Kiln Dried Heat Treated
Pallet Weight:29 lbs.
Unitizing:10 per stack

*Note: Lab Stacking Strength formula is not intended to replace laboratory testing! Actual results may be higher or lower than the calculated strength. A “Safety Factor of 4” has been used to calculate the Lab Stacking Strength.

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