Glossary of Container Styles

Style RR

Regular-Slotted Container.

Style T4

Sleeve with top and bottom stiffening flaps.


Style H6

Half-Slotted Container with top stiffening flaps. Top flaps may be taped or stapled. Container shown is attached to 4-way entry pallet.

Style RH

Half-Slotted Container. Shown on recessed wood skid.


Style OS

Ox Box’s Modified Octagon, for shipping bulk materials, provides exceptional top-to-bottom compression strength. Shown attached to expendable pallet.

Style TF

Sleeve with bottom flaps. Shown attached to -4way entry pallet.


Style T0

Stitched sleeve.

Style ST

Slotted-tray cap.


Style NF

Five-panel scored sheet with double flaps on top. Wood ends.


Style NS

Five-panel scored sheet with side flap. Width of side flap is optional with a minimum of 4 inches. Wood Ends.


Style NA/NB

Full telescoping container using two three-panel scored sheets. Wood ends.


Style NM

Five-panel scored and slotted sheet with integral fold-in ends.


Style SS

Three-panel scored sheet.


Style BT/TP

Shallow, full telescoping two-piece container. Top and bottom sections are scored and slotted trays with integral fold-in ends.

Style PF

One-piece folder.

Style CT

Corner-cut cap.

V-Notch Score

V-Notch score makes bending extra-long scores easy and provides a neat, mitered appearance. It has been successfully used for applications such as containers used for metal tubes or rods.