36x42 HT Pallet Standard Duty

Export Compliant

Image of wooden pallet

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Classification: 36.00 x 42.00, Stringer-Class. Double-Face Non-Reversible. 2-Way, Limited-Use, New Manufacture

Unit Load Type: Uniformly Distributed — Full Pallet Coverage
Unit Load Weight Variability: Medium
Service Environment: Dry Environment (EMC <= 19%)

Safe Max. LoadDeflection at Max. LoadUser Specified Deflection LimitMax. Load for Deflection LimitCritical Member
2604 lbs.0.15 in.Top Deckboard

Support Condition

Average Pallet Weight

At ManufactureAt 15% MCAt 12% MC
20 lbs.19 lbs.19 lbs.


Dimensional Change due to Wood Drying

ComponentOriginal DimensionShrinkage from Manufacture to 19% MCShrinkage from Manufacture to 15% MC
Top Deckboards0.750 in. Thickness 0.004 in. (+/- 0.004 in.)
3.500 in. Width0.020 in. (+/- 0.006 in.)
Stringers3.500 in. Height 0.020 in. (+/- 0.006 in.)
1.500 in. Width0.008 in. (+/- 0.002 in.)
Bottom Deckboards0.750 in. Thickness 0.004 in. (+/- 0.001 in.)
3.500 in. Width0.020 in. (+/- 0.006 in.)

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