Custom Pallets — Export Compliant

Custom Wood

Designed to meet your requirements
Design analysis available to ensure safe material handling

Support Condition Safe Max. Load Deflection at Max. Load User Specified Deflection Limit Max. Load for Deflection Limit Critical Member
Stacking 8070 lbs. 0.15 in. Top Deckboard
Custom Lateral Collapse Pallet Jack

Pallet Service Life Analysis
The Pallet Service Life Analysis simulates a series of forces and impacts applied to the pallet during each handling cycle. The frequency and severity of these impacts are estimates based on laboratory measurements, warehouse observations, and the Virginia Tech FasTrack Handling Cycle. The resistance to damage and the damage level requiring component repair or replacement are based on laboratory testing and the NWPCA Uniform Standard for Wood Pallets.

Service Environment Conditions: Average Handling and Treatment, Medium-Duty Loads, Dry Environment (EMC <= 19%)

Predicted Service Life: 1 Cycle

In the Handling Simulation, Damage requiring Component Repair occurred during First Cycle.

Custom Wood Chart

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