Processed Food Product Case Study

Large grower/processor of nuts finds Bulk Pak to be economical and versatile for storage of unprocessed nuts.

The Challenge

A large grower/processor of nuts needed to find a more economical method of storing unprocessed nuts. Since nuts are harvested in a relatively short period of time, while processing occurs throughout the year, storage space is required. Traditionally, metal bins – capable of holding 2,000 pounds per bin and stacking five high – were used. However, because of very high costs per unit, they became less practical.

The Solution

We proposed a double version of their semi-octagonal Super Duty-bulk Pak. The design consists of two sleeves – one inside the other. A die cut sunburst bottom cap fits snugly between the two sleeves. A self-locking top cap is used.

The Results

The reusable Bulk Paks successfully replaced metal bins. Some have been in use for seven years and, when not in use, they knock down for ease of storage. Although there are still some metal bins in the system, there is no distinction made between their handling and handling the rugged Bulk Pak.

The Bulk Pak is easily cleaned and fumigated and performs to all expectations at less than one-tenth the cost of metal bins.

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The Bulk Pak replaced costly metal bins for a large grower/processor of nuts.

The stacking strength of the Bulk Pak equaled that of the metal bins.

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