Automotive Product Case Study

Supplier of OEM automotive parts solves packaging problem with Ox Box 1300 container.

The Challenge

A Midwest OEM automotive parts manufacturer was experiencing problems in the shipping of their product to a major customer. During transit, the shipping containers deflected and lost their shape because of the weight of the product and the weight of the product as it shifted from side to side. Additionally, their customer noted that the containers did not conform to their specifications and as a result were not compatible with their storage and retrieval system.

The Solution

Ox Box recommended replacing the double-double wall fiberboard containers that the customer had been using with the 1141 Stock Triple-wall Bulk Box container. The replacement container style included a 51x41x28 sleeve with 5” top and bottom flanges manufactured of the Ox Box 1300 fiberboard. This container was designed to meet the manufacture meet the manufacturer’s demanding specifications.

The Results

The recommended Ox Box container exceeded all the customer’s product transit requirements and it also conformed to the stringent specifications and storage requirements of their customer and storage requirements of their customer at no additional cost. 

After conducting an extensive in-use survey of the new packaging system, Ox Box recommended a change in the manufacturer’s ordering pattern and quantity which resulted in an additional 5% savings.

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The Ox Box container maintained its shape during loading and in transit.

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