Heavy Duty Plastic Distribution Pallets

plastic pallets


Reusable, Recyclable & Export Compliant.

Twin-sheet heavy-gauge thermoformed pallets are manufactured of high-density polyethylene. DC4 pallets are ideal in distribution and warehouse facilities.

The DC4 pallet boasts a trip life 125 times that of wood, and is proven to exceed 500 cycles in a closed-loop system.

Engineered with patented TriMax and ShockWave Deck Edge designs.

Meets or exceeds all requirements for international shipments.

Features and Benefits

  • 40″ X 48″ footprint, 4-way access
  • Heavy-Duty and strong: Floor rated for 6500#
  • Reusable, returnable & recyclable
  • Patented TriMax Design, when under a heavy load, counteracts the bowing of pallet legs and sagging of pallet decks — increasing longevity and durability
  • Ideal for closed loop systems — excellent return on investment
  • Nine-leg, fully nestable
  • Molded-in textured deck surface for increased load stability
  • Plastic Pallets meet or exceed all exportation requirements for Europe and Asia


  • Custom colors available (8)
  • Custom stripes (8 colors) available (only in 48 inch direction)
  • Logo placement
  • Legs available with or without drain holes
  • Anti Skid Devices (ASD) affixed to bottom of pallet legs for additional stability
  • Grip-Lok® Plus — significantly reduces product damage caused by slipping and sliding
Image of plastic pallets design
DimensionsHeightNested TrailerFloor RatingsWeight
LWForkOverallNesting48′53′6,500 lbs.21 lbs.
48.00″40.00″4.00″6.50″2.50″100810808,000 lbs.24 lbs.


Notice: The information contained herein is offered without charge for use by technically qualified personnel at their discretion and risk. Each user must carefully consider the application requirements and final product suitability for their particular application. All statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on data which we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed and no warranty of any kind is made with respect thereto. DC Series pallets are not designed to be used in open-rack systems.

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