E-Z Moving Kit Triple-wall
Self-contained — Export Compliant

  • Compact for easy storage
  • Quality and easy assembly
  • Strength you can count on
  • Self-contained for easy storage
  • Sets up quickly
  • Strong and durable
  • Returnable/Reusable
  • 1100lb. Triple wall sleeve provides excellent strength/protection
  • Custom sizes and printing available

Stock Triple-wall #OX8948-84

Container I.D.:86 x 44¼ x 84
Container O.D. (set up):88½ x 47⅜ x 89
Container O.D. (kitted):88½ x 47&frac38 x 10
Container Style:Sidewalls w/ Telescoping Cap & Tray attached to Pallet
Sleeve Material:1100 Grade Triple Wall Corrugated Fiberboard
Cap & Tray Material:350 Grade Double Wall Corrugated Fiberboard
Pallet Material:Kiln-Dried, Heat-Treated
Self-Contained Shipper Weight:157 lbs.

*Note: Lab Stacking Strength formula is not intended to replace laboratory testing! Actual results may be higher or lower than the calculated strength. A “Safety Factor of 4” has been used to calculate the Lab Stacking Strength.